Lirik Lagu Heavy Lies - DIVIDE feat Tuan Tigabelas

Yogi Alfian - INSERTLIVE
Rabu, 08 Jan 2020 22:28 WIB
Lirik Lagu Heavy Lies - DIVIDE feat Tuan Tigabelas
Jakarta, Insertlive - Setelah merilis EP akustik bertajuk Reanimate di awal tahun 2019, DIVIDE kembali menunjukkan eksistensi dengan merilis single terbaru, Heavy Lies. DIVIDE menggaet salah satu rapper ternama yakni Tuan Tigabelas.

Perpaduan musik rock dan rap yang terdapat dalam lagu ini seakan membawa para pendengar ke masa jaya hipmetal 2000-an. Dari segi lirik, lagu ini menceritakan mengenai isu terkoyaknya kohesi sosial yang disebabkan oleh kebohongan publik.

Insertlive sajikan liriknya untuk Insertizen:

Will we ever learn?
I've been fearing the worst again
It's not too hard to see
That the world has gone insane

We suffer to survive
Don't say you haven't been warned
Breathe in, breathe out
It's now or never

Tell me how you've done this before
I can't take this anymore
I've buried it all too deep, what can I do to repay?
Now the world's in disarray
I can't understand the pain,
Like a fire without a flame

I can feel that we've been blinded by the lies
I can see that senses has now left your mind
And I think I might be losing in the fight
We're going nowhere, going nowhere fast.

We all been fuckin toxicated
Need the antidote because we fade out
Don't you realize we've been played out
Stuck in the corner,man too late its a checkmate
People going loco
Selfish solo dolo
We don't give a damn about other people no more so i'm going high
Cause the world is so low, so cold, we all lost because we've been blindfolded

they dont want us to know but we already know
If you dont know now you know

It all comes back full circle
It never seems to end

Sing it out, scream it loud, just don't keep it to yourself
Only see what they wanna see
Another night, another fight, hiding the pain for so long
It comes back full circle
Never ends, it never ends

Now everybody see We're not the felony
Listen up, we're the victim of conspiracy
Put your fists in the air if you're feeling me
Whatchu gonna be, a friend or the enemy